On Bad Ass Sized Prints

Lately I announced that I finally found a company to work with that is…

…capable of delivering the pro quality prints that I demand.

First I tested them of course. I asked them to produce a photograph with the size of 120 x 80 cm. Within one week I received a very carefully packed package from the delivery service and while I wasn’t expecting to much I was surprised after I unboxed the work.

They totally over delivered. The print is crisp, clear and tack sharp. Just the same thing that I saw on my screen. I have to emphasize though that you really need a monitor that is suited for photography work and it’s very important that it is calibrated.

I made very stupid video of the unboxing of mine in the post you can see/read by clicking here.

In an earlier blog post and video I explained why you shouldn’t go for cheap when it comes to printing your images. Have a look at that by clicking here.

I can tell you that I’m very glad that I didn’t go for cheap but for quality.

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