Canon AF-Modes Explained For A Six Year Old

Wait, what are these modes again? I hear this a lot before people start…

…fiddling around in their bags for the manual of their camera.

Canon know three AF-modes to shoot from and in today’s video I explain them in a way that a six year old will get it.

Here is a summary:

After you press the shutter button half the camera starts focusing. Once the focus has been found it will be locked. Unless you release the shutter button again, the camera will not change the focus again. Not matter if you zoom, move the camera around or your subject moves. This can result in out of focus images if one of the above happens.
Btw: the camera will not let you take a picture before the focus is locked.

This is the third option you have (I come to the second one below). In this mode the camera will continuous try to find the focus on for example moving subjects. Other than in one shot, the focus will not be locked. Thus you can also press the shutter the whole way through even though the subject is not in focus.

This mode combines both of the above. The focus gets locked but if your subject suddenly moves it will start refocusing. Personally I don’t use this mode because I tend to reframe after the focus is locked and in this case it’s not preferable for me to have the camera refocusing.

I hope this helps.

Happy shooting! 

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