We’re Not Fan boys And We Know That Nikon’s D7000 And Canon’s EOS 7D Are Just Great Cameras

If you would ask Pedro or me why he has chosen for Nikon when buying…

…his first DSLR you would get the same reason why I chose Canon: coincidence.

Actually, twenty years ago I tried a Canon EOS in the film days. I liked the camera but didn’t really know much about it. This is why I went to Canon when I decided to try the digital way.

Pedro bought his Nikon just because.

Some camera’s later we are both running on the same brands. Even though we are no fan boys of either of the brands, in our world there are just Canon AND Nikon. Next thing would be Hasselblad but you don’t hand something like that around your neck in the field.

At the moment Pedro has his Nikon D7000 and I the Canon EOS 7D. You probably watched this and this video on what’s in our bags. They are by the way outdated of the time of writing this. Things change fast when you having fun.

Of course we are always joking about each others camera. We all need a good laugh so now and then. We both know that the Nikon D7000 and the Canon EOS 7D are very good cameras. And we also know that our next steps will bring us into the full-frame world.

However, it’s the user not the gear that makes things happen. The gear just makes things easier for you. At at least if you know what you want and what you are doing.

Just buy a expensive guitar and you will see that it doesn’t makes you a better guitar player.

Kai Wong from DigitalRev compares both cameras in the video above. Surprisingly he doesn’t break anything. In someway he always destroys something in a video.

Anyway, once you have your gear under control you can fully concentrate on a model like Kinki washing a car. This is probably something you are looking forward too.

Have a great weekend shooting with the gear you have!

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