CPU Meltdown

Gosh, it is hotter than hot in the Netherlands this weekend but you don’t hear…

…me mourning about that.

The whole thing has just one downside:

Premiere Pro is demanding so much from the 4 cores of my processor that it shuts down the computer during the rendering process of my video’s. It’s just getting to hot. More than 65 Degree Celsius what is 149 Fahrenheit.

My fear is that even Lightroom with its bad ass big library and all the processes running in the background will eat resources of the machine like the cookie monster. This will result most likely in another thermal problem.

In other words: it can happen that the photo’s of the week will have a delay as well.

I really should sell some T-shirts in order to buy an air conditioner.

Enjoy the sun and have a great day!

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