Zack Arias’ Cheapo Camera Challenge

Every time when I was invited for a dinner in the past I complemented the person…

…who did de cooking about their ovens, knifes and all the rest of the gear they got in the kitchen.

Of course, I didn’t do that as we all know it’s the chef not the oven who makes the dinner in the end. The same thing is true in photography, believe it or not. Just half an hour ago I saw point and shoot images taken with a Nikon D800.

In the cheap-camera-pro-photographer-challenge in the video above you see Zack Arias challenged to use a cheapo point and shoot and an external flash to create some photography.

If you see the images at the end of the video you can barely believe that just a point and shoot camera was used. What, again, brings us to the conclusion: without skills you can own the best gear and it will bring you nowhere.

All I learned on studio lighting I learned from Zack Arias. Because of his enthusiasm and his great personality the 18 hours were over before I knew it.

Have a great day shooting!

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