Just A Snapshot? There Is Much More To It: Street Photography

If you think that street photography is just taking snapshots, spraying and praying and this kind of stuff, think again.

I told it in earlier posts: street photography is another kind of sport. In my opinion it’s very great to capture those moments in time. Documenting the time and place you are living in, or that you are visiting.

Len Speier did a 50 minute talk about this art over at B&H in New York City. He’s adorable and he has more than a handful of interesting tips and insights on it.

I think he is a very adorable person and I really like it when he refers to a man in his mid-forties’ as a young man. This kind of made my day.

Hope you enjoy and have a great day ahead.

If you want to join Pedro Hamers and me during one of our next street photography photo walks keep an eye on the Facebook page. I’ll share the date and time over there.

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