Adding Some Detail Enhancement In Photoshop

Today I want to try a technique in Photoshop that you should be able to apply in any version. I’ll list the easy steps below this video:

  1. Open the image of your choice in Photoshop and hit CTR+J to make a copy of this layer.
  2. With the new layer selected you hit CTR+I to invert it. You should see a negative image now.
  3. As mode for this layer you choose Vivid Light.
  4. To apply the surface filter go to the Filter Menu, fish for Blur and then for Surface Blur. The settings you use here are depending on your image. You have to fiddle around with this. Watch the video for the settings I used.
  5. Now you want to make a copy of the image you just created and put it on another layer. To do so you hit CTR+Shift+Alt+I.
  6. After this is done you delete the layer you first created.
  7. Go back to the new layer. With CTR+Shift+U you will get the colors out of the  image.
  8. Now you want to add some Gaussian Blur to it. Got to the Filter Menu and fish from here for Blur and then Gaussian Blur. A small amount will do the trick. In the video you’ll see my choice for this particular image.
  9. Last but not least you set the mode of the new layer to Soft Light.
  10. Once everything is to your liking you can merge everything down, save your image and enjoy.

I don’t know if and when I will apply this to some of my images but I think there are really some potential applications for this.

What do you think? Will you use it?

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