A Quick RAW Edit

Shoot in whatever format you want! That said I hopefully prevented a tiring…

…discussion. Something that is talked about over and over again.

The only thing I can say and demonstrate on this is why I shoot RAW. As you can see in the video above I’m doing the things that the software in your camera normally would do for you if you shoot JPG. But, it would not do all of this.

The main reason for me not to make use of this little helper is that I want to have the control over how much of the changes the camera would normally do are applied to my images.

Another reason is that the software on your camera will deleted all the information that the sensor of the camera captured and the software doesn’t seem to find important.

This brings me to the following question: who decides what of this data is important? I or the engineers who don’t even know what’s on my image?

Of course the engineers did a great job, but I was the eye witness. Thus I decide what’s important.

This is how it works for me.

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