When Liking Diminishes The Fact That You Like Something

There are places out there like 500px.com where mainly photographers visit and present their stuff to, now…, mainly photographers.

First off: if I got the message that somebody liked one of my images I usually go to the collection of this photographer as well. This is because I’m honestly interested in the person who liked my stuff. I want to see what this person is into and what other kind of stuff this person likes.

This way I have a kind of a gauge that tells me what people with what tastes like my images.

I hope this doesn’t sound too complicated and I think that most of you feel the same way. This is in my opinion the most natural thing how things happen. You always get curious if somebody likes you or what you created.

There are cases were somebody gives an image of yours a like and a comment. This is nice but it is diminished at the moment you see right behind this comment the sentence: go and have a look at my work.

Honestly, my first thought is Calm down dude/gal I’m on my f…..g way.

Of course I have a look, even though I feel that the like and comment of this person was at least not that honest. There is a weird taste to it.

Lately I had one of those likes and comments and I went to the work of a photographer (that was by the way liked by many) and I totally didn’t like it at all. The images were over processed in a way that nearly every single one of it looked rather like a drawing or painting than like a photograph.

For a moment I hesitated to comment with something like too over processed for my taste.

I decided not to comment at all because the initial like of this person wasn’t genuine.

Just my two cents on this.

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