As A Photographer Don’t Ask For Permission – Ask For Forgiveness

Last week we were out to do some street photography what’s for us kind of…

…a different sport.

You see, if you just walk around and take some photographs of street musicians and street artists, they are very used to get photographed. But if you want to shoot some real life situations you have to do it in a way that the images that you take stay candid.

You could call it sneaky in some kind of way. However, we did some street photography and at a certain point we were sucked into a tango dance event. The dancers also were used to be photographed and they liked it.

I had to laugh when Pedro attended me on the fact that some people had their eyes closed because they were enjoying their dance moves whilst others had their eyes close because they were counting.

Of course this attracted a lot of people as it was in a public place. And here is where I want to mention my earlier post on how we see people as a photographer.

Sometimes you se someone in the crowd where your only thought is that you need to take a shot of this particular person. I’m not talking about candid anymore or any kind of sneaky photograph. I’m talking about a portrait shot.

In this case I saw this girl (mentioned in the video above) with a very interesting face. Interesting because you could go in any direction with it. Be it a lot of different hair styles, make up variations or whatever. Very useful for fashion, glamour and lots of other photo sessions.

When I pointed my lens at her she gestured that she didn’t want to be photographed. Seemingly she didn’t feel very comfortable in front of the lens. But I wanted to have her image anyway. So I set my exposure right, turned around fast and took the shot.

Rather asking for forgiveness than for permission I gave her my card a while later and told her that she could contact me if she would like to have her photograph. This is by the way a situation where it’s very important that you always have your cards with you.

Marie-Lou contacted me later and I sent her the image I took from her. After some on-line conversation she agreed that we could do a portrait session and I very appreciate this and look forward to it. It is always nice to meet new people and fill your portfolio with some nice shots.

So grab your camera, go out and shoot and don’t forget your cards! You never know.

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