Off Camera Flash Fail

Gosh, this was a funny one while we were out shooting a little for some fun today.

We were wandering through a botanic yard and at some point I saw that arch of trees in front of a kind of a cathedral or something like that. To get the best out of it I decided to lay on the ground and shooting from a very low angle.

At some point I found that the sky was still to bright and that needed some fill light that I wanted to produce with a speedlite. Off camera of course. So I positioned the speedlite at the right spot and triggered it with the radiographic unit I jut bought recently.

The weird thing was that every time when I hit the test button on the transmitter the flash would fire. Whenever I pushed down the shutter button it wouldn’t.

As the speedlite was out of my eyesight I asked Pedro if it fired. He shook his had. I cursed, not being shy to use the F-word a lot.

While I was lying in the gravel Pedro at a certain moment said to me Hey, didn’t you upload a video lately about disabling Flash Firing?

This explained everything. I forgot to turn it back on after making the video.

I don’t expect by the way that something like that will not happen in the future as I always forget to check things like that before going to shoot.

Have a great day shooting and consider a participating in the Photo Of The Day Thingy on this blog. 

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