Instead Of The Newsletter

Regular visitors and of course newsletter subscribers probably already noticed this.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop the Mario Live Newsletter. While some bloggers would see this at the beginning of the end I had very good reasons to cut the cr…

I’m subscribed to some newsletter as well and there comes the point where you just notice that your mailbox is full enough. I felt that I didn’t want to pump a newsletter out just for the sole purpose to stuff your mailboxes some more.

The newsletter, whether you use it properly or not can be a huge expense. For the real marketing guys it is worth it. For me it is not. The income this blog is creating has nothing to do with the newsletter at all. For example: the complete hosting for the last year was paid by a large British company just for mentioning their name in one of my Manga Studio tutorial posts.

Anyway, I still want to connect and interact with you. So instead of gathering your e-mail addresses and sending you information you jut don’t want to know or you already know I created an accompanying Facebook page.

I will really appreciate it if you subscribe to it by giving it a like. You can do this by clicking here.

Let’s stay connected!

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