How Many Destruction Attempts Can The Canon EOS 7D Handle?

Yesterday I saw somebody at the zoo putting the lens cap on her kit lens after every single shot she took. I guess a lot of us have to admit that we had this habit when we were first starting out.

It’s not common that I share the video’s of others over here but when Kai Wong from DigitalRev.TV did his ultimate crash tests on the Canon EOS 7D I couldn’t make another decision then to share it with you here.

Oh gosh, my precious….

Here are the tests the Canon EOS 7D survived easily:

  • Being hit by a truck several times. I still burst at full rate.
  • Crashing down a staircase in a wheelchair several times. Still bursting.
  • Being frozen into a huge ice cube. Then shooting the ice away with a plastic gun. Putting it in a oven afterwards to melt the rest of the ice. See for yourself.
  • Putting it on fire. Melting parts of the camera away. Still bursts at full rate.

So if you drop it from the table one day don’t be afraid. Your Canon EOS 7D will be capable to take the shot anyway. Of course there is no reason to treat it roughly from now on but it surly gives you that comfortable, convenient feeling if something happens.

Have a nice day shooting!

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