Triggering The Nissin Di622 With The Pixel Pawn 6

According to the vendors information there was no way to trigger the Nissin Di622 remote in any other way than with another flash or the pop-up flash of your camera.

I even saw videos where people would physically modify their Di622 to make radiographic triggering possible.

Last week my mate Pedro put a trigger set out of his pocket and the next thing I can remember is spending approximately $100,- to order a set myself.

However, I don’t say that it isn’t possible to do this with another set of triggers. This is just the only one I’ve tested and that worked shot after shot after shot after shot…..

I’m repeating myself.

I hope this helps.

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6 thoughts on “Triggering The Nissin Di622 With The Pixel Pawn

  • ChunkOptic

    I just purchased the Pixel Pawn to accompany the Nissin DI622 (old one that I just bought used) because of your suggestion. I am disapointed as the flash goes to sleep almost immediately as it’s supposed to but the trigger fails to wake it up. The pawn will trigger the flash but if I have to go to the flash to wake it up and have less than 5 seconds to take my shot, it’s really restrictive and will cause a TON of frustration. I was really hoping this would work out. Do you have any suggestions as a solution to that problem?

    • Mario Post author

      Sorry to hear that. It’s indeed one of the downsides of the Nissin that you have to wake him up yourself. The wake time, however, should be way longer than 5 seconds. I have to dive into the manual as far as I know it should be a least 5 minutes.
      Recently I switched over to the Canon EX 580 II and it’s a dream what also comes with a much higher price tag.

      • ChunkOptic

        I wish I could afford the 580ex…Hell, I wish I could get the 430ex right now but It’s just not justifiable. Ohhh the irony of not being able to get the flash I want due to the costs of my youngest’s bday (2 yrs. old) coming up and then not being able to take some of the pics at her bday because I don’t have the flash :/.

        As for the sleep time – It goes to sleep after 30 seconds when on camera and 5 seconds off camera (not including slave mode) and it’s supposed to as per the manual. Really seems like it might even go to sleep faster than 5 seconds. The flash is just no good off camera (excluding slave mode triggered by another flash) for this reason. If I have to be that close to the flash to keep waking it up, I can just put it on camera or use the ETTL cord.