Photograph Back Story – Mourning Mom

First I called this image Relax. Just as easy as that. This was before I knew that we were looking at a mourning mom here.

The gorilla on this image is 39 years old lady Dalila. Half a year ago she gave birth to a baby boy right in front of the public during feeding time. (Yes, this was a photo moment we totally missed while we were at the zoo at the same time).

Last February the 28th 2012 her son with the name Tano died quite suddenly. This photograph was taken a couple of weeks after this sad fact. While I didn’t knew that this was the mother of the little guy my first thought was that it’s just a bored gorilla staring at people on the other side of the glass.

It’s probably just my imagination because of knowing now what I didn’t know back then. But don’t you see some sadness in her eyes.

You see, in fact every photograph has its back story and it’s precisely that what we try to capture. (I’m not talking about orchestrated model shoots of course.)

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