The Only Reason For Shooting JPG

Lately I had this little conversation with this guy who was fiddling around with the white balance of his Nikon D90, looking concerned while he was browsing through the test shots he made. Mumbling to himself.

When I asked him what his problem was he said that he had to find the right white balance for the shot. It seemed that he was member of a photography club where everyone was shooting JPG and they learned to find the right white balance on location.

I replied that he could easily skip this step and take all the white balances possible home with them and then chose the right one out of the whole array when he was reclining in his chair having a cup of coffee. For now he could focus on the things that really count and get the shot much faster.  The only thing he would have to do take his footage in RAW.

He looked at me in awe for a moment as he always have been taught that shooting RAW was for the pro’s only. Besides this he had learned that shooting RAW would be very time consuming in post processing.

I replied that the time he saved in post processing right now he was wasting right now. Even better, the post process of finding the right white balance is much faster than doing it the way he did. Not to mention all the other advantages he would have shooting RAW.

The fact of having more JPG images on your card at the end of the day than you would have in RAW is the same like saying  I’m going for quantity above quality.

Anyway, is there a reason for shooting JPG?

Yes, there is and the only one I can come up with is if there is absolutely zero time for post processing. Again, zero time! A good example would be if you are shooting the New York fashion week and have to transmit hundreds of images for the magazine you are shooting for.

If you shoot for yourself at an event like this and don’t have a deadline for delivery this reason mentioned above vanishes entirely.

A little bit thought provoking maybe, but don’t hang a $900,- body only camera around your neck and shoot JPG. Just don’t. Save the money and get a point and shoot. Especially if you don’t want to do any post processing at all.

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