Phantasium 2012 (Eindhoven – The Netherlands)

Finally I had some time to make this short video with my favorite shots I’ve taken at the Phantasium 2012 event in Eindhoven a couple of weeks ago.

The light circumstances weren’t to my liking at all but after all challenges are opportunities and it’s always great to make things work. And sometime you just have to let it go.

It was also nice to see that I wasn’t the only one who had to use curse words so now and then. One funny moment was when one of those guys with his big glass on his camera body was focusing suddenly had his build-in flash popping up, telling the rest of us that he was shooting in automatic mode. Really not the right mode if you have that little control over the environment you are shooting in. At a second thought, it’s never the right mode, actually.

Of course this will not say that you shouldn’t try it out and start from there. We all have to start somewhere. Don’t we?

Anyway, it amazed me how many people asked for our cards and contacted us after the event.

As I said I the beginning this is a small collection of my favorites of this afternoon. None of them would really make it into my portfolio as I really have to be much, much more satisfied with the outcome and I’m kind of a control freak and want to have control over every aspect of the image.

I hope you liked it. If your images weren’t shown please don’t shoot me. There is always a next time if it wasn’t a wedding. And even then…

Please leave your comments, especially if you feel that this woman I’m talking about in the above video is reminding you on…

Have a great day shooting.

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