Nissin Di622 on Canon EOS 7D – TTL vs Manual Mode 2

Last weekend I did a little test with the Nissin Di622 speedlite for Canon mounted on the Canon EOS 7D. My goal was to compare the result of the TTL and the Manual Mode. The latter is my preference by the way. Always.

Let’s forget about the price difference between the Nissin Di622 and for example the Canon Speedlite 580 EX for a moment. It’s a huge one, I know.

There is a reason that I took this shots on-camera. Even though The Nissin works with Canon’s ETTL system, what is known at the Nikon side as CLS (Creative Lighting System or ITTL) this doesn’t mean that there is any TTL information send by any means.

The only part of the ETTL-idea that is supported here is that you can trigger the Nissin with your pop-up flash. Just set it on commander or control mode before you do that so the light of the build-in flash will not have influence on your image.

There is a weakness here and this weakness starts with R and ends with eliability! If you are not in a closed room where the light of your commander flash can bounce from everywhere you will have a big chance that this light is weakened so much on its way to your speedlite that it will not fire at all.

This is not a situation you want to have if you are hired to do a job.

You might think that you just can take one or another radio trigger. This is a very good one and we are all in love with Pocket Wizards but don’t reckon on compatibility with your Nissin here. Forget about Cactus all together. Been there, tried that, forget it my friend.

So, the last thing we could try would be a PC-Sync cable and the case could be closed. Have fun by finding a plug for this little rocker.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a rand about the Nissin Di622 what is overall a great flash depending on how much control you want to have or need for your work. If you just want to make some nice family or party snap shots you are probably fine, especially if you not yet into off-camera lighting (but you should).

However, always consider that you get what you pay for and you can always get a second hand brand speedlite what will do everything you need it to do.

Happy shooting!

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2 thoughts on “Nissin Di622 on Canon EOS 7D – TTL vs Manual Mode

  • arshak

    you got the di622 to work on 7D?…:O
    I tried it on my 7D (firmware-1.2.5). The flash is detected as the pop up flash refuses to pop up but tha flash does not fire. The external flash menu cannot be opened to. Non compatible flash or flash is off message. Please help