About Your Value As A Photographer

I could start this post with a rant about photographers who are daring to ask large amount of money for images that look like the average vacation point and shooter had taken them. No offense to the occasional point and shooters here.

However, so now and then I meet photographers who are on an advanced level of knowledge and are able to take very good images. Images people would pay for.

On the other hand I witness conversations between people who are talking about the pro who works for a magazine and very often one of the first reactions is: He or she is making more money with pushing some buttons than I make a whole week on my day job.

You see, there is a little misunderstanding on both sides here. Whether you are the photographer who doesn’t dare to ask what his work is worth or the person who is amazed by what some photographers make. This is by the way true for many more professions.

It’s not just pushing some buttons.

If you, as a photographer have problems by asking what others as even though you have the same quality standards think about you $400 product (or whatever amount you like) this way:

It’s $1,- for taking the picture and it’s $399,- for knowing which buttons to press.

Think about it and have a great day shooting.

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