RAW Edit Of The Pack Of Lions At Gaja Zoo

After editing the little kitty I decided to do a RAW edit of the pack of lions at Gaja Zoo.

For the first time ever I did crop in a 1:1 ratio. As I said in the video above, normally if I crop at all I always keep the 2:3 ratio. However, even if you don’t like to crop at all don’t become a salve of your own principals.

If you feel that your image is looking better if it’s cropped for whatever reason crop it for heavens sake.

As I said repeatedly, it’s always easy to say after the fact that you should have shot more from the left, the right, above or beneath. Or you should have gone a little bit closer or further away. Sometimes there just isn’t to do any of the things mentioned above.

Have fun shooting and thank you very much for watching!

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