Photo Print Services – Don’t Go For Cheap

It’s an adventure to find the right print service. At least over here in the Netherlands everything is about pricing first, quality second.

This is not just true for print services by the way, this also counts for restaurants. If you ask somebody to recommend a restaurant it’s most likely that they name one where you get much food for little money. Quality second.

OK, you got the point. Now let’s have it about print services:

The big quality problem creates with its own philosophy of being the cheapest lays in the fact that too many processes are fully automated. While there is nothing wrong with automating processes, there is not enough human control. They print every image with the same settings.

But you really want somebody in place who can see if an image comes to dark or with to flat colors out of the printer. I don’t know about you but if this has an extra price tag on it, it’s OK for me.

As I promised in the video here are the links to the original images shown in the video. Click here for the lion and here for Daisy. Clicking on this images will increase them, so you can have an even closer look.

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