How To Do Your Photo Selection In Lightroom Fast And Easy

It’s not just my own experience when I say that using the 1 to 5 star pick system in Lightroom (or any other application) to decide whether a photo is a pick or a rejection can be a hassle.

In first instance it may sound harsh but my selection process only knows 2 kinds of photo’s. Winner and losers. If you want to put it that way. Once in a while, of course, there are photographs where I don’t really know if and when I will use them in the near or far future. Those photo’s become the one-day-maybe-images.

However, giving them then a certain amount of stars just adds to the hassle of having to rethink the whole process again once I come back to them. Of course this is my opinion and not it’s not the rule at all.

But as time is valuable these days I really don’t want to waste it on repeatedly making the same decision on the same subject.

The process I’m going through here is as easy and straight forward as it sounds. After I imported the photo’s of a shoot into Lightroom there are these simple steps I take to separate the winners form the losers:

  • I flag the winners by pressing the "p"-key to pick them.
  • I flag the losers by pressing the "x-key" to reject them.
  • I press neither of the above if I have see a "one-day-maybe-image"
  • At the end I’m going to the photo-menu (or press ctrl+backspace) and chose to delete the rejected photo’s. And yes, in the next window I decide to delete them not just form the catalogue but also from my hard drive. No regrets involved whatsoever. 

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