Creating A Collection In Lightroom After Your Selection Has Been Made

Once you’ve made your selection and picked your winners you want to create a selection of them. In the video below I walk through this next step.

If you did your selection the same way I did it in my previous post you will only have to kind of images left:

  1. Winners – Those are flagged as pick with the p-key (remember?)
  2. Oneday-Maybe-Images – Those are not flagged at all

To separate the winners from the rest it’s clever to put them into a selection. Just choose ‘Flagged’ in the filter options and the only images that will be shown are those that are flagged.

No you hit the +-sign beside the collection tab and create a new collection.

Is this the last step in the procedure? Not necessarily. You probably want to have a competition between the images that are very similar to each other and then make a new collection with the word ‘Select’ in its title.

The great thing, what makes your life easier is that in the collection you just created all the images are not flagged. So, it’s very easy to repeat the same selection procedure here as well and come to an even closer selection of the best images.

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