RAW Edit For The Fro Week 59

As this week RAW file by Jared Polin contains without a doubt a cool looking model it’s time to participate in the weekly RAW edit thing. Yes, again.

This time I also have a little critique on the image itself.

In fact it also involves a little tip as I said in the beginning of this video: never touch the model. Ever. At least not if it is not your partner or a very good friend.

So, if you would have shot this image and the model would have been hired or joined the shooting on TFP-basis and you would have seen that the string of her dress was twisted, you would have attended her on this. This way the model can correct things like that herself and no awkward or uncomfortable situations occur.

I hope you like this week RAW edit. I’m heading to do the next video. Thank you very much for watching and all your support!

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