RAW Edit Example Mondo Verde

After last weeks  RAW edit for the Fro I got ask to do some more of them. The video quality is a little bit lower this time even though it’s in HD.

Last Saturday I received my Sigma 17-50 mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM and I really love this piece of glass right from the first moment that I mounted it on my camera.

Thus, this time I made a screen cast of an edit of an image I took myself. It’s not the best of the shoot but I immediately had some changes in mind when I came across this one when I was picking the winners and rejecting the losers.

The most important thing here was to bring back the sky and make it a little more dramatic. You will see that using the adjustment brush in Lightroom can eat up a lot of system resources. This is why I tend to switch over to Photoshop when I’m doing this kind of fine tuning.

At the end you’ll see the before and after. Let me know what you think in the Facebook comment section below.

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