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When I produced my tutorial video on Actions in Manga Studio I mentioned that you can create shortcuts to use them. There was just one mistake I made.

And this mistake was the fact that I mentioned it by the way (just like the documentation on Manga Studio does). Yip, I didn’t use it myself and was convinced that if the vendor says there is a possibility to make shortcuts there will be one.

The problem though is there is no way to use them once you created them and this drove Youtube user CW1832 crazy.

So I have to apologize for not trying it before mentioning it. If you where on the edge of getting insane about this as well, please be sure that you can sleep tonight as you know now that it wasn’t you but the program.

Have a great one whilst using Manga Studio anyway.

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4 thoughts on “On Actions In Manga Studio EX

  • Nate Sterken

    hopefuly you can get this to the youtube user who asked the question: the shortcuts DO WORK! what you must do is go through your different actions and in the action WINDOW, where it will list an action and some info and so on in a long chain, you must click on the NAME in the window (it will become highlighted in blue). Now, when you push the 0-9 on the numeric keypad, the action will come up . Then, you must click “Play Action” to perform the action. You can find the play action key assignment in the keyboard shortcuts (I believe that is under File.) Let me know if making a vid of this would be more helpful.

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Nate,
      This is a premier for me as I totally get stuck on this. As far as I can see there is the action set where you can add the shortcut to, not one of the actions within it.
      If I click on an action, what I consider the name of it, it will not turn blue and I get lost.
      Another thing is that the whole idea was that it wouldn’t be necessary to hit the play-action-button at all as the shortcut should deal with that.

      Anyway, if you want to make a video on this I’m more than happy to feature it here on my blog.

  • Denis Sarrazin

    There is a way to use them, although it is not very useful. On the Mac (I don't have Manga Studio Ex for Windows so cannot verify), once you've set your shortcuts, and with the Actions window/panel open, you can use Option+Command+# to select the action with that # set up as a shortcut. At least, this works on my computer. Again, not terribly useful, but it is an alternative from using using the mouse to select the action set from the drop down.