5 Minutes Freestyle Drawing #1

With this video I want to give a start shot for a series of freestyle sketching or drawing videos. If you feel inspired and want to show your 5 minute drawing (feel free to make it slightly longer) as a video response on Youtube you can do so and I will accept it.

In the video above you see that I do not strictly obey the guide lines that I threw on the canvas. Though while I’m trying to build the drawing up layer by layer and give it more form, just like carving something out of wood, I often get tempted to focus on details to fast.

Focusing on details to fast can get you distracted from the overall artwork and can deliver unwanted results. I think I’m a good example in this case that you should be more patient. In the end the results will appear faster and easier on your digital canvas.

Of course you can follow along just with pen and paper like in the old days. No problem at all.

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