Lightroom 3 Quick Tip – RAW-Cache

Back in the days when I worked for a big IT company and solved the problems created by users I nearly saw this on a daily basis: user profiles pumped up so large that it took ages for their pc’s to end the login process.

This was especially the case when their roaming profiles were loaded via the network.

If there is anything you want to have control about whilst using an application like Lightroom it is your RAW-cache.

I know that the word cache gives just like temporary the convenient feeling of a directory that will be handled by the system when it comes to clean things up that you don’t need anymore.

But hey, Microsoft doesn’t clean this map up for you. It’s rather like the bag of a vacuum cleaner and you have to change it yourself so now an then. Even though it’s suggested it will not shrink if you don’t do it by yourself.

As you want to have control over this map it is paramount to know where it is located. The worst location for a map like this is within your user profile. If you don’t believe this, just keep it there and in no matter of time you will see that you can do the laundry during the start-up of your pc.

So my advice here is, as shown in the video above to create and use a cache directory at a location what is easy to find, to clean up and preferable not on the same volume as your OS.

Thanks for watching, reading and have a great one.

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