A Huge Time Saver: Creating Your Own Character Materials In Manga Studio

Did you ever wish whilst drawing a scene of your comic or graphic novel that you could have easy access to former drawings of your characters from former scenes? Just inserting them with a few clicks with your mouse or ticks on your drawing tablet? The just changing the things that are necessary instead of inventing the wheel over and over again?

If you can answer any of this questions with yes, I dare say that today’s video demonstrates how powerful the possibilities of creating your own materials in Manga Studio really is.

As I stated in the video above. If you are not as lazy as I am and created some character sheets before starting your comic adventure, you should draw some more of them and save them all as character materials.

Think about different positions of the head, with all the different facial expressions. Different perspectives. Your possibilities will know no borders and save you such a huge amount of time.

Feels like sheeting? No, you invented your characters and did all the creative part beforehand. It’s your creativity. Have fun!

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