The Naked Amazon Truth – This Was Sold In August 2011 5

You probably thought this series had died a sudden death and wondered what was sold in June and July. The answer is pretty simple: nothing!

If you wonder what this is all about, you can read the back story of the naked Amazon truth by clicking here.

OK, ladies and gents, let’s get started.

Here is what was sold in August via Amazon:

It has nothing to do with the content on this black whatsoever, but I’m glad there is somebody out there getting his or here college degree because of the purchase of this calculator.

This supports the blog with $2,58 and the Amazon check will probably arrive a few years earlier than expected. Thank you very much for this.

Though this blog isn’t about gaming either, I guess we can agree on the fact that there are some overlapping interests here. The second and last Amazon sale was the Playstation game below what added $1,16 to the coffee corner.

This post came a little late as September is coming to its end in a few days, but the good news is that there is something to report about it. So if you are curious on the naked truth in Amazon sales of September keep an eye on this series.

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  • Joe

    It would help if you used one of the utilities that tracks the last url that each visitor was on before landing on your blog and the url they went to when they left, some of the utilities also give the amount of time spent between landing and leaving, and the pages they viewed. If they came from a site like Yahoo or Google – it would show the search ran (or the page they were on) or if it was the root page it could be their home page. The exception to this is if they opened a new tab and keyed in the url to land and also if they closed the tab instead of leaving to another url. They also could have been shopping, or could have come from another site not related from shopping.