Supper Time – On Eye-level With The Big Cats

At the end of the day of our recent visits to the local zoo (where we seem to be part of the inventory lately) we decided to take a last few shots of the lions. The voice that came through the speakers and told the visitors that the zoo was closing met deaf men’s ears in our case.

Not doing what they tell you can have its advantages. In this case it was the fact that we could witness the supper time at the lions habitat. While the male lion was separated from the lady cats, the last ones were treated on some dead geese. Just for your information: it’s regulated by law that they may not feed lions with living geese or ponies in zoos over here.

Anyway, this was a great time for trying to take some nice photographs of beasts that usual lie with their backs or asses in your direction when you point a camera a them.

It’s not that easy to take some interesting shots at the zoo. Patience is key. At some point you got the feeling for it when it’s just better to come back later.

Be it an hour or the next weekend.

At this time the only disadvantage was a totally scratched window where I had to shoot through and the fact that the light wasn’t optimal. I really had to bump the lens cap against the window to get this out of the way. I guess this little trick worked very well.

Lucky enough I had my 70-200 2.8 mounted this one lets in a lot of light, even though it can have certain disadvantages to have a shallow depth of field. But sometimes you have to rearrange you priorities.

In the video above I show you three photo’s that I took from the female lions. An outrageous number as I normally would show you only the one that I consider the best of them.

Because I edited the video in a slightly chaotic way I’ve cut things out of context. Of course the aperture doesn’t have influence on the grain caused by a high ISO. Further, the first photo was taken at f5.6 and not as stated in the video at f2.8. If you have some experience and know your f-stops you’ll already noticed that of course.

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