Give Me A Leone

Whilst doing candid shots I like to take a detailed shot of the subjects eyes so now and then. I like to call them Leone’s as I got the inspiration for this by this great movie director.

It’s just this fraction of a second that you capture where the eye can tell you everything. They can also make you wonder what is on this persons mind.

What I like about this example image is that is the capture of just this split second. It could be taken out of a movie scene. What’s going on in the persons mind? Is he angry because of a deal that went wrong? Is it just the sun blinding him and forces him to frown? Is something or someone standing in his way and is he annoyed about that?

The answer to all this is, as I know what was going on, that my friend here was looking for the best spot to get the framing right for the next image he wanted to take at the bird show.

I just turned around for a moment and tried to take a Leone in between. It pretty much works. I didn’t change my camera settings for this one and found that it works best in black and white.

Though I had the aperture set to f5.6 I got a pretty good bokeh as I was very close to the subject. The shutter speed of 1/1250 was the result of the ISO I’ve set to 800. We were shooting a bird show and I worked in aperture priority, so to easiest way in this case to get the shutter speeds that are necessary to freeze the action of the birds is to play  with the ISO.

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