A Nipple Too Much! 7

Since a while I have some extra privileges over at Youtube. This is something I’m really keen of as it enables me to provide you with tutorials.

Talking about tutorials: today I saw that the staff of Youtube flagged one video of my tutorial series on how clothes effect breasts as inappropriate. In other words it wasn’t available anymore.

After dinner I discovered that another part of the series was flagged as age restricted and wasn’t available anymore for minors. They would receive a warning before watching the video.

Even though I think that the graphics and tutorials themselves were totally innocent in their character, it seems that there are people on Youtube who felt offended and flagged them for violation of the TOS.

You understand that I don’t want to take the risk to get banned. Just recently I read this post over at Gideon Shalwick’s blog on getting banned by Youtube and this would be a major issue for all of you who like my tutorials and myself of course.

For this reason I decided to delete this video tutorials and kind of clean up my account in a way that there is nothing that could be flagged by anybody. The nice side of that all is that there are also penalties for people who report videos for no reason. You can think here on people who don’t like the person who posted a video and want them to get banned. In this case they make a big chance to get banned themselves.

Anyway, I deleted the videos and the accompanying posts as without video they are quite obsolete.

For now I wish you a nice day ahead and keep an eye on the blog as tomorrow there will be a new Quick Tip on Manga Studio, inspired by a request from Anthony.

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7 thoughts on “A Nipple Too Much!

    • Mario Post author

      Yes, my first thought was ‘But it’s not porn’. But it seems that anything that could lead to sexual thoughts and from there could end up in an erection or in moistening any body parts is inappropriate.

      At least on my own domain it’s totally up to me what words I choose.

      But OK, I have to obey to their terms as it’s their living room and every user is just a guest.

  • joe

    Mario “anything” is probably more appropriate than you think and would include among other things dinner, lack of deodorant, the shoe store, kitchen appliances, barnyard critters, etc. If you’re wondering about dinner and haven’t read Portnoy’s Complaint, skim through it until you get to the part about liver that was going to be the family’s dinner.