Will The Canon Monopod 500 Hold Heavy Gear?

After walking through our local zoo with a tripod for several times I really felt the need for a monopod. Having to extend just one instead of three legs is so much more convenient. Besides this you can much better walk through the crowd if you going for a shoot in the weekend.

It’s not the question if but when people won’t believe you anymore if you shout out loud "Let me pass, I’m a vet!"

Of course it’s not always necessary to use a mono- or a tripod but especially if you just need that little extra stability you are very glad if you have a little helper.

As little helpers shouldn’t weight that much, in the end this is why we call them little helpers, I was looking for a light yet stable monopod.

I didn’t want to make an endless journey out of this. There are so many different brands and makes when it comes to monopods that I found it a waste of time to consider all of them. And it really didn’t had to have a well known brand name printed on it.

However the Canon Monopod 500 was in exactly the price-, strength-, weight- and quality range that I was looking for. As I live in the Netherlands and everything is just more expensive over here, I paid nearly $60 inclusive shipping. Over at Amazon the price is something around or less than $40,-

The most important thing was that the monopod was able to hold my Rebel with battery grip, my Sigma 70-200 2.8 and my Nissin Di622. All at once of course.

And yes, it did. In the video I go into more detail on the Canon Monopod 500 and talk about a disadvantage what in fact don’t really is one.

I had it with me on shoot yesterday and I’m really happy with it.

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