This Can Drive You Nuts If You Trigger An External Flash With The Build-In Flash Of Your Rebel

First off: don’t be afraid there is more Manga Studio stuff in the pipeline.

So let’s go. If you have an external flash for your DSLR there will be the moment that you want to use it off-camera. No matter if it is a Canon, Nikon, Nissin or whatever. Most of those flashes can be triggered by the build-in flash of your camera.

In fact it doesn’t really matters what make your camera is from to run into them snag I’m talking about in this video:

I repeat it in short: if your camera uses the build-in flash to help your camera’s autofocus and you use it at the same time to trigger the external flash, the external one will fire long before the photo is taken and thus will not go off at the moment where it should do so. At the actual shoot of the photo.

This is a fact in low light situations.

You can by the way prevent this problem by using a separate sender and receiver to trigger your flash. Of course you have to dive a little into it and shop around as not every trigger works with every flash.

There is another problem that can and will occur and I will talk in a later video about that.

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