Pro’s And A Little Con Of The Nissin Di622 Flash

I’m a little off-topic today but this one is interesting for those who own or consider the Nissin Di622 flash light.

You see, I don’t like it when my camera is trying to make the decision whether or not I can take a picture. What I mean by that is that I want to decide if I like to take an under exposed image or one that’s not sharp. Not that I want to take pictures that aren’t sharp but I’m the boss and not my camera.

You understand what I mean. OK, that said and after some time of experimenting I discovered a little flaw in the design of this flash when I was using it on my Canon Rebel.

In fact the flash leaves 4 of the 9 focus points unused as the flash assist beam wouldn’t light up if you use the diagonal ones in the corners. If you use the automatic selection of the focus points this problem doesn’t seem to occur.

Anyway, I love this flash and I’m always amazed how strong it is. Of course I rather shoot without flash or use continuous light but sometimes there is no way around using one.

The Nissin Di622 comes for a bargain price compared to the Canon or Nikon counter parts and the money saved can be invested in some extra quality glass.

Next time I’m on-topic again. I promise.

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