Preparation For Model 19 In Manga Studio

With todays video I want to invite you to your drawing board. Be it a digital drawing tablet or pencil and paper. It doesn’t really matter.

What we’re going to draw is just a western style head by throwing some lines. Especially if you passed the stage where you always use guide lines you’ll like to see that an easy egg like shape and a cross will do the job.

The whole purpose is doing some finger stretching exercise for finally drawing model 19. What model 19 is all about I want to reveal in the last video on this project and I hope that you’re not disappointed.

Most important is that you have fun drawing along or just watching. It’s up to you.

As you can see in the above video the focus here lies on the facial features. I’m going to ink the whole thing but keep the hair untouched.

Have a nice time drawing.

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