Sketching Hands #3 2

In todays video we are sketching four hands. As you can see I use a different approach for it again. Especially when it comes to the guidelines I’m drawing.

The best thing you can do is just to draw with me just as you should do in the course. Practice is the best way to get better.

The sketch is just a sketch and I will finish this hands in tomorrows video where we going to ink them.

The main reason that I use this different approaches is to show that there really isn’t one good or wrong way for doing this. Find yourself the approach you are most comfortable with.

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2 thoughts on “Sketching Hands #3

  • Pete Sanborn

    Mario, Just wanted to say tanks for all your hard work with your video and tutorials. I have learned a lot from your website and listenign to your tutorials on Manga Studio Basics. No body else does it better and that includes Smith Micro official website tutorials. You have made manga studio so much easier for me. Thank you.. I would like to see some tutorials on using the 3d workspace. And thanks and may the God.Goddess bless you.. Pete