Manga Studio Quick Tip #5 2

There are sometimes annoying situations when you are working in Manga Studio with your drawing tablet. Don’t misunderstand me here, in fact this has nothing to do with neither the program nor the tablet.

In fact it’s caused by the OS of our computers.

Especially user of drawing tablets with a touch strip or a touch ring like the Intuos4 will have experienced the fact that if you click with your pen in one of

the windows. For example the layer window, tool options or any other. What happens is that the canvas is loosing the focus of the OS. This causes you to first hit with the pen on an area within the canvas what will create a dot at least.

It’s not that bad but as you have to remove the unwanted dot your workflow is interrupted and this is one thing you surly don’t want. In the video I tell you how I handle this.

I don’t say that this is the best solution but it’s quick and I don’t have to think too much whilst using it. And believe me, too much thinking whilst drawing can kill your creativity.

Have fun drawing! See you at the next quick tip.

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2 thoughts on “Manga Studio Quick Tip #5

  • Nate Sterken

    Thank you, Mario, for yet another great video!

    This is an EXTREMELY useful tip and yes, this problem DOES become annoying. It’s not really a problem, just a nuisance. I will be using your “eraser – CLICK” method; its very practical and ingenius. Thank you again, Mario, for saving the day one more time! =)