The Naked Amazon Truth – This Was Sold In May 2011

Returning visitors know what this series is all about. If you’re a welcome new visitor (and you are really welcome) you can read the back story here.

If you followed this series you may wonder where the episodes (read: posts) of March and April are. The answer to this is real simple: there were no Amazon sales in this two month. At least not via this blog.

I know, the guru’s would never admit this but I do. Let’s celebrate the difference.

While the two month mentioned threw me back when it comes to the future of finally receiving an Amazon check, May was really killer! (Yes, ‘killer’ seems to be the word for this).

Here is what’s sold:

The video game Lego Pirates of the Caribbean was really a surprise as this isn’t really related to my blog. However, this purchase is supporting this blog with a advertising fee of $1,92.

The sale of a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet isn’t really surprising as I posted more than once articles and video’s about drawing tablets that helped some readers and people on Youtube to make a decision which tablet to choose. In this case I’m grateful for a commission of $6,80.

The same is true for the Wacom Intuos4 Small Pen Tablet. This sale supported this blog with $7,71

To protect the surface of the Intuos4 in the same buyer (I guess) decided to purchased a a tablet surface cover. The fee for this was $0,44.

Good for another $0,29 of blog supporting fee was the purchase of this set of BIC mechanical pencils.

I’m really grateful for this even though you may think I’m joking about it. It’s just funny to share the real life experience with you. Thanks for your support and your visits.

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