Sketching Hands #1

One of the most annoying thing for pro’s as for hobbyist is drawing hands. without a doubt the most common question is how to do it.

When you browse through your favorite comic books you will see that some of the pro’s are better with hands than others. Some of them have the same problems with this as you have.

In my opinion the only way to overcome this obstacle is to draw as many hands as possible. So in fact this isn’t a tutorial but rather me practicing the art of drawing hands and let you have a look over my shoulder. This can of course be very embarrassing for me.

If you wonder why I’m doing this so fast I have to admit that I sped up the video by 400% and then I did the voice over later on. This way I could relax and have a look at my own attempt of drawing ‘perfect’ hands.

I want to make a series of this. In between I will make a video of inking the hands I sketched and then a video of the coloring process. Once this is done there will be a new part of sketching hands.

I hope you like it and it will motivate you to stop procrastinating and actually start practicing.

Have a great time drawing!

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