Mario’s Artist Interview #1: Spubba The Mad 4

For the very first time I had the opportunity to interview a comic book artist. We talked for more than 50 minutes and I managed to cut it down to 42 minutes. Mainly by removing most of the ‘arrrrr’ and ‘ehemmm’ I used.

In first instance we considered shrinking the whole conversation down to 20 minutes but as this is great content for all of us I decided not to do so. In the list below you find some of the topics we talked about in this video.

Becside about the way we use Manga Studio and the book The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain , Spubba and I talk about the following topics:

  • Her webcomic The Atemis Incident
  • The preference for drawing male or female characters
  • 3D models used in comic art
  • How much time is spend per panel
  • Storyboarding
  • Hand-eye-coordination with a drawing tablet
  • Adult stuff
  • Critique that makes you better
  • Composition and balance
  • Drawing hands and feet
  • Drawing hair

Have fun with this!

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4 thoughts on “Mario’s Artist Interview #1: Spubba The Mad

  • Joe

    This reply is for spubba. You mentioned that you use 3D models (characters) in MangaStudio EX for “The Artemis Incident.” What is your source? I looked for content indicated for Lightwave that’s rigged. I found only characters indicated for Maya or 3D Max, with no mention of rigging; even if they were rigged they couldn’t be imported or posed in MS.

  • Spubba


    Oops, I think there was a misunderstanding.

    I used the 3D models in Manga Studio to make the scenery. I do not use 3D models to render characters in this comic. The human figures are all drawn by hand, using the normal Manga Studio drawing tools (such as the Pencil and Pen tools).

    What I use the 3D models for is the backgrounds. I have found a lot of 3D objects that will work as backdrops, on Renderosity and other sites. What I do is I’ll import them into Lightwave, chop them up, and then bring them into Manga Studio to use as the backdrop. I don’t have some super secret ninja method for 3D-rendering human figures in Manga Studio, sorry!

    If I’m stuck on a composition or a concept, I may pose a 3D model in Poser and then import it into Manga Studio to test the composition on a comic page, but these types of images do not make it into the final production, they’re only used to “experiment” with ideas.

    • Joe

      I was hoping that someone had been using the 3D import and posing to cut some of the time spent on characters. I was thinking of using it like a rough pencil.

      Do you know if Quidam would be able to generate rigging, that could be manipulated in Manga Studio? The only specs listed doesn’t get anymore specific than saying the plugin generates a LWO/LWS export format (skeleton and skinning for animation).

      The only thing in the Manga Studio user guide mentioning a specific file format was LWO2 for UV mapping. The illustrations on page 303 in the user guide looks like they misuse the term “parent-child” for rigging or skeleton and mentioned the LWS format and Version 3 (Light Wave 6.0-7.0) but didn’t get specific about the file format needed to pose.

      • Mario Post author

        In my opinion it would take all the fun out of the creative drawing process if the characters were created by rendering them in any way out of 3D models.
        Though I once demonstrated the use of one of the 3D character models in MS I never use them. I see every drawing as practice and are convinced that you are getting better with every drawing you make.