Manga Studio Quick Tip #1 2

The idea just hit me that Manga Studio users might be interested in some quick tips. So I give it a shot and try to produce a small series on this. As this is the first one you have to forgive me that it’s quite long for a quick tip.

If you use tones for your comic backgrounds most of the time they are just working fine. Problems occur when you want to use them on a whole page. Suddenly you are confronted with for example a background that is to small and therefore tiled over the entire page.

This is not what you want and here is a work around for this:

As you could see this is not just resizing the whole thing. If you have any questions that fit into the quick tip section or any other tutorial request please let me know. There is a form to the right in the sidebar at the time of writing this.

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2 thoughts on “Manga Studio Quick Tip #1

  • Denis Sarrazin

    I think that if you right-click on the layer with the tone (not converting it to raster), and select Layer Setting (not Layer Properties), you get to the Tone properties page and there, you can resize and move the pattern (without loosing quality). I think this is another way to do it and it has the advantage of not loosing quality, if I'm not mistaken.