Inking The Hands #1

Today we are going to ink the hands that we have sketched yesterday. This video is sped up, so don’t be afraid if your own pen movements are a bit slower. It’s just to make the video not too long.


As I said in earlier videos: if you are the one who sketches, pencils, inks and colors you will not feel the need to give your artwork the final form whilst penciling. So I want to emphasize what Dave Gibbons said in this videos whilst inking ‘You are still drawing’.

Besides checking out David Finch’s video on drawing hands and feet I want to encourage you to browse through your favorite comic books and draw all the hands you find in it for practice. I’m sure you will get the feel for it and your improvement is coming closer.

If you don’t practice you are just like one of those people who wish they could play the piano like Mozart but don’t realize that they could if they just would move their asses and practice.

So go ahead. What do you think will draw better hands one week from now, the one who just watches from the sideline or you?

Have a great time practicing!

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