This Is The Winner Of The Third Drawing Contest On Mario Live! 1

We have reached the end of the contest earlier than I thought. This time it wasn’t really a competition.

And this is the reason that Jimi Wilson who was the only participant this time would not accept the prize. It just doesn’t feel good for Jimi. In his own words he said that it would be like sending me an e-mail with the question if I want to buy him something.

Of course, no matter how resistant Jimi is in accepting the prize I will give it to him anyway. There never has and never will be an occasion where I don’t stand behind my word. However, I can understand that it doesn’t really feels like winning if there is no competition.

But in stead of analyzing what went wrong I just forget about it and there will probably be another drawing contest.

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One thought on “This Is The Winner Of The Third Drawing Contest On Mario Live!

  • Learned Wolf

    Omg \o/ When is the new contest?!? I wanna participate too \o/
    I don t care about prizes, i just wanna know what people think of my pic s.
    Also, i have an idea about the new theme: “One picture is worth more then 1000 words”, basically you have to make a pic that tell s a story, fuels the imagination and so fort XD