6 Minutes About The Rules On Weed 8

A message I received on Twitter let me decide to do this 6 minute video about the misconceptions about the rules on weed in the Netherlands.

Next time I’m totally on topic again. I promise!

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8 thoughts on “6 Minutes About The Rules On Weed

  • joe

    This brought up one thing that’s interesting. Most countries have one uniform set of codes (there may be a few added conditions imposed locally), so no matter where you are, the law is the same. One of the exceptions is the United States (thanks to a concept called state rights). If you travel across several state lines, you can find yourself violating the law on different grounds or no violations.

    Firearm laws are a good example of this. Some states are concealed carry only, some are open and concealed carry. Transporting the weapon legally in a vehicle can vary significantly regardless whether the state is open carry or not. A few states require ammunition separate from the firearm, others the firearm can be loaded. Some states require carrying in the trunk, others in the glovebox, console, or in a gun case, others in plain sight, others it can’t be visible or give the impression of being present.

    Arizona eliminated the concealed carry permit, so state residents can both open and conceal carry if they can purchase a firearm. States with concealed carry permits can decide what states they honor concealed carry permits and other states they don’t (and these vary state by state). Nevada has the unique honor of having a simple state gun law, where it gets complicated is that each county preempts state law, so you have a different set of laws depending on the county.

    Open carry means the firearm must be visible and in a holster, and does not require a permit. One thing that I noticed in states that started a concealed carry permit 10-20 years ago, when first passed, people demonstrated civil behavior. 10-20 years later, they tend to forget there are permits, with someone without a permit escalating a confrontation (because they were “dissed”.) These were the states that passed concealed carry permits because of road rage. In states like New Mexico and Arizona, it may be fake but they are extremely civil and polite (because of the number that carry.) The southwestern border states in the past 2 years are making changes, thanks to cartels on the other side of the Rio Grande, the government there has a historical pattern of taking no action; and gang (7-25 year olds) related crimes.

    If life in the states could only be a simple as an uniform national law of five plants.

    • Mario Post author

      I see that there are many misconceptions when it comes to the firearm laws over in the States. Here most people think that everyone just can go and buy a gun and that they then start shooting just like in a Wild West Movie.
      It’s very interesting to learn more about that. I already learned (in the NY Metro) that it is prohibited to color a real gun like a toy gun and vice versa.

      • joe

        “buy a gun and … start shooting just like in a Wild West Movie”

        Probably they never heard of the 2 fire axioms, return fire and friendly fire. Several of the worse things I’ve seen when someone purchases a weapon are they never get familiar with it, never or rarely practice using it in a gun range, don’t look when they’re pointing to see what else is there besides the target or behind the target, they think of it in terms of “weapon and not “deadly weapon”, and they don’t grasp if it’s removed from the holster most likely it will be used and the results can’t be undone.

        I only mentioned gun laws because they’re a prime example of how “nice” state rights make life. Using the five plant law as an example, imagine what it would be like if the 5 plant law were rewritten using the following 5 categories and each province was free to choose what part of each category they use:

        1. One province allows 5 plants, another province allows 1 plant, another province says no plants what so ever.

        2. One province only says the plants must be indoors, another province says the plants must be outdoors.

        3. One province says no plants without a doctors prescription, another province says no doctors prescription is needed, another province says we don’t honor prescriptions from other provinces, another province says we honor prescriptions from all other provinces.

        4. One province says plants must be no closer than 2 kilometers to a church or school and the distance is measured in a straight line, another province says plants must be no closer than 2 kilometers to a church or school and the distance is measured traveling on a road or public walkway, and another province says there is no distance restriction.

        5. One province says punishment is a fine of 2 euros, another province says the fine is 200 euros, another province says there’s no fine, but you’re hanged, drawn and quartered.

        • Mario Post author

          I think if the Netherlands would be larger this scenario could become reality. But you see, whole the Netherlands has just 2 million citizens more than NYC.
          Nonetheless there are big differences when it comes for example to home owner taxes. Every city can decided how they raise or lower their taxes. Lowering nearly never happens btw.

  • joe

    Property tax laws don’t have a criminal penalty (actually they are criminal) First time I ever had to deal with them this year and I got my taxes cut by 1/3. But on criminal laws, each city no matter how small has their own set of ordinances, if the code is written “right” (since they can have both civil and criminal penalties), violations can go into a criminal court. The worst states for this are south. You’ll get an idea looking at http://municode.com/library/library.aspx

    • joe

      I forgot, it’s almost time to get the notice of new tax rates this year. Considering the cuts the school districts had this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try for an excessive increase. If they do I’ll get my neighbors organized to schedule one tax challenge hearing. Since each owner is entitled to a 2 hour hearing, the tax board may find it hard to get any work done. If that’s entertaining, I may decide not to mow the rear of my property and schedule another tax challenge hearing a couple of months latter for an agricultural exemption, claiming it’s hay.

      • Mario Post author

        This is funny :-)

        This reminds me on the procedure for speeding tickets in the Netherlands. If they measure you whilst speeding you can claim to see a valid report of maintenance of their equipment. If every who got a ticket would do that they would have to react on this and had no time for anything else.

        • joe

          That’s one game. The next step is the challenge of calibration and maintenance of the equipment used to perform maintenance on either the radar, laser, or vascar. Don’t forget making inquiry of the cop’s doctor appointments, prescriptions, and other health info. It wouldn’t be the first time one got back on the job when they shouldn’t, had a reaction to medication, had vision problems, or may have a “hidden ailment” such as allowing them to talk with 4 legged critters or the wee little people.