Raster Drawing vs Vector Drawing In Manga Studio 4

Today I want to have a brief look at the difference between raster drawing vs vector drawing in Manga Studio. What I show you is of course true for other graphic applications as well. For the purpose of this video I drew two versions of the same eye. OK, not precisely the same but I drew them very fast so forgive me certain differences when it comes to the beauty aspect.

The eye on the left is drawn on a raster layer. The eye on the right is drawn on a vector layer.

If you look at them at the 100% size they have right now you can already see that the edges of the vector drawing are more smooth. The reason for this lays in the difference in concept between raster and vector drawing.

While the raster drawing is a collection of small points that have a fixed position on your canvas, digital paper or however you want to name it, the vector drawing uses parametric information.

Easier said: the vector drawing is calculated over and over again while you zoom in and out. The result of this is that the image resolution is maintained while the outlines of the raster drawing can appear jagged if you enlarge them. You can even loose some information of the raster drawing if you decrease it.

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4 thoughts on “Raster Drawing vs Vector Drawing In Manga Studio

  • Nadim

    Hi Mario! This is a very timely post for me, as i am running into some issues with resizing a vector layer! i draw my outline in a vector layer and typically color in the image in a raster layer. i need to greatly decrease the size of the vector outline, but when i do so, the lines are becoming jagged and even some info is lost! i was surprised by this since i thought vectors can be resized with any loss or change in image! Any idea how i can resolve this?

    • Mario Post author

      Just tried it. During the process of resizing it looks like the vector line is behaving like a raster line. Once I confirm the transformation by hitting the OK button it will smooth the edges again.

  • James Aaron Hislope

    I hate that you have to close the comments section…I just found your site. Ya know, in all my years in signs and graphics, I have never been able to easily explain what vector means to customers! lol.. You nailed it. Anyway, found your site while looking for tutorials on drawing vector in Manga. As a cartoonist, I'm use to just sending high res jpegs….but I'm seeing now how drawing in vector can really help the graphics/signs aspect of my work. Thanks a lot!

    • Mario Kluser

      I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it's hard to put your knowledge into an easy to understand explanation as we too often assume that everybody has the same basic understanding as we have.
      When it comes to the comment section, luckily the facebook comments are working very well.