How To Use The Layer Select Tool In Manga Studio

Yes, there are even tools in Manga Studio that I don’t use. This is of course no reason to ignore them. I was a little surprised when I got asked what the layer select tool does. Of course I see it every day but it never bothered me enough give it a try.

But of course, when a user is asking me I dive into it and provide you all with the information I can come up with. The layer selection tool is a little smart helper as you can see in todays video.

As I said I never used this tool so far in my daily work. If you do and if you experience more advantages than those I described in the above video on the layer select tool please let me know in the comment section above.

Of course you can always add your tutorials request here on my to-do-list. Yes this is in real time and I really appreciate your input.

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