How To Get Rid Of This Gleaming Hotspots In Photoshop

After correcting the overdone facial flash (don’t know if you say it that way) there are of course some hotspots left in the face. In this next video tutorial I show you how I get rid of them.

This video is a couple of minutes longer mainly because I talk too much.

You’ll see that removing the hotspots is very easy and fast to do. Again it doesn’t matter what version of Photoshop you are using as all versions support this technique.

As I said in the video you shouldn’t just use the clone stamp tool without setting the properties right to what you want to achieve. Often you see images where everything is just done in normal blending mode with a opacity of 100% and the result looks so obvious that you can point on the spots in the picture that are done with Photoshop.

You have done a great job if nobody can put a finger on it. Have fun!

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