How To Clean Up The Skin Of Your Models In Photoshop

Let’s say you just took pictures at a party last weekend.

Depending on the party of course it is not likely that all of the people had a professional Hollywood make-up artist working on their faces beforehand.

At least I never had one working on my face before I hit the road.

This is the main reason that you will always have photographs of people who are OK with the fact that they just look like human. Normal human beings tend to have a pimple, a scratch or any other blemish on their face so now and then.

Because you are good with Photoshop you will show them photographs of that party where their blemishes have magically disappeared. Nobody will ever say: Hey what has happened? My face was a moon landscape with a lot of pimples that night!

It’s just a topic we tend not to talk about and if you did your job good they really can’t put a finger on it. Even if they know they had that pimple it’s not likely they can tell where it was exactly.

There are different ways to remove all this kind of blemishes and the easiest way is discussed in the following video:

Remember that if the pimple is lighter you have to change the blend mode darken. It’s really just that easy. Important, as I said in the video is that you just click on the spots. It’s not necessary to brush over them as this can make changes way too obvious and this is not what you want to achieve.

Have fun with it.

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